Thank you for visiting our page. For more information about our products and services, we have collected here the most frequently asked questions from our customers. May this serve as your guide in knowing more about the products and services we offer.


Are you a store?

We are both a store and a distillery. Our store is attached to our distillery and is divided only by a glass wall. You’d love to know that when you come to buy our products from our store that you can have a glimpse of our distillery and how we process the drinks you enjoy. There is always someone who is available to walk you through our distillery if you want so you can have an up-close inspection of our processes. We aim to be transparent to our customers when it comes to our products and services so this is what you can expect from us.

Do you sell your products online?

We do sell some of our products here at the website. You can find the list of the products we sell at our online store. However, there are products that could only be sold at our stores.

Do you deliver?

We do deliver in bulks. You should meet a specific amount for your purchases before we can deliver it to you. Otherwise, you can just pick up your drink from our store.

Can I get a free taste of the drink I am going to purchase?

We offer a free taste of our beverages at our stores. It is even served with cold cuts, especially for the wines. We are going to give you a free sample so that you know what you are dealing with and for you to be able to choose well from our line up. We have a variety of flavors here especially made for you.

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