The crafted beers they sell here are one of a kind. I never tasted anything like it. This is why I chose them as a supplier for my bar. When I approached them to try their products, they are very accommodating. They gave me an overview for each and gave me a free taste so that I’d know what I’m dealing with. They even walked me through the process of making their brew. The people in the distillery here are very knowledgeable. You’d never get tired of listening to their passion as they talk about the products they offer.


They have a variety of wines here that taste really good. I’m very particular about how my wine should taste and I am just happy that they managed to provide me with something I would like. The staff here also provide good services, especially when assisting their customers. I like the way they explain the differences between wines. They are not simply like those other stores who’d recommend to you anything just to make a sale. Here, they’d walk you through the ingredients. But the best part is that they allow you to have a free taste.


The aesthetics of the store alone is impressive. But when you see the line up of the products they offer, you should prepare to be more impressed. It’s amazing how such a micro-brewery could make all these without compromising the quality of their products. No wonder their products are now sought-after in other states. They really do a good job in the improvement of their craft. I recommend for you to taste their crafted beers here. They come in so many flavors that you can choose from. My favorite so far is the coffee flavor one because I am a coffee lover. But you should also taste the chocolate flavored brew. Really good if you ask me.

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