RoundHouse Spirits ProductsRoundhouse Spirits is a distiller of fine craft spirits in Boulder, Colorado. As a micro-distillery, Roundhouse hand-makes and bottles its award winning spirits in exceptionally small batches, using only the finest raw botanicals it can find. Distiller Ted Palmer leverages his 20 years of brewing and distilling experience to bend those ingredients to his will using a hand grinder, a Spanish copper still, American Oak barrels, and old fashioned ingenuity. The high elevation and clean water of Boulder, Colorado surely helps. Come visit the distillery for a complimentary tour and tastes. The tasting room serves up cocktails made with our products along with a few smiles.

RoundHouse GinCorretto Coffee LiqueurImperial Barrel Aged GinPumpkin King Cordial

RoundHouse Gin

RoundHouse GinRoundhouse Gin is a New Western Gin, micro-distilled and bottled by hand in exceptionally small batches. We start with neutral grain spirit, which we redistill in a handmade, Spanish copper pot still with the traditional gin botanicals of juniper berry, coriander, citrus peel, star anise, angelica, and orris root. Hints of sencha green tea, lavender, and hibiscus and chamomile blossoms are added to give it a distinct, floral palette. We think you’ll agree: Roundhouse Gin is a truly inspired gin that departs the beaten path of mass produced spirits.

**93 POINTS, “EXCEPTIONAL” and Gold, Beverage Testing Institute, Chicago

**Gold – 2013 The Fifty Best Gin Tasting, NYC

**Silver – 2012 New York International Spirits Competition

**Double Gold  – 2013 Denver International Spirits Competition

**Gold  – 2014 Denver International Spirits Competition

Spirit Competition 2013New York International Spirits CompetitionBest Gin Gold Medal 2013Beverage Testing Institute Gold

Corretto Coffee Liqueur

Corretto Coffee LiqueurIn Italy, a “caffe corretto” is a coffee “corrected” with a shot of liquor. Roundhouse Corretto is a coffee liqueur that needs no correction though. To handcraft Corretto in small batches we use organic free-trade beans that are hand selected by blind roaster, Gerry Leary, of the Unseen Bean in Boulder. We add a touch of whole vanilla bean, and sweeten it with just the right amount. The end result is a wonderful burst of coffee flavors spiked in the Italian-style. The other big-brand stuff is made with corn syrup and has a whopping 91 calories per ounce while Corretto comes in at a svelte 53 calories.

**GOLD MEDAL, 2014 Denver International Spirits Festival

**GOLD, 2013 Great American Distiller Festival

**SILVER MEDAL, 2012 Denver International Spirits Festival, Coffee liqueur under $25.

**89 POINTS, “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” & Silver, Beverage Testing Institute, Chicago

** GOLD – 2013 Telluride Spirits Competition

**Named 2010 “BEST LOCAL LIQUEUR” by Boulder County’s Yellowscene Magazine.

**Staff Pick in the Best of Boulder County 2012 as “hands down the best coffee liqueur we’ve ever tasted.”
Spirit Competition 2013Beverage Testing Institute SilverTelluride Ski Resort Spirits Competition

Imperial Barrel Aged Gin

Imperial Barrel Aged GinTo make Imperial, we start with Roundhouse’s signature, award-winning Gin, distilled in small batches from the finest all natural botanicals, and then age it to perfection in oak casks for at least 10 months. The process introduces scotch and whiskey flavors causing our patrons to affectionately nickname it “Ginskey.” Imperial’s complex character and smoothness are unlike any spirit you’ve ever had.

SUPER RARE! Only a handful of distilleries in the entire country attempt this “brown gin” and Roundhouse sets the bar!

**Rated 94 POINTS, “EXCEPTIONAL” by the Beverage Tasting Institute, August 2012. Their tasting notes: “Pale golden amber color. Complex spicy aromas and flavors of violet and clove candies, nutmeg, and cinnamon sticks with a layer of vanilla-banana custard pastry and floral juniper blossoms. Supple and dry-yet-fruity medium-to-full body with a long, interplay of peppery spices, candied citrus peels, caramel, herbs, floral talc, and grassy earth. An impressive, impressionistic tone poem of floral herbal gin and spicy oak barrel notes.”

**SILVER MEDAL, 2014 Denver International Spirits Festival

**SILVER MEDAL, 2012 Denver International Spirits Festival, Gin $25-$35
Beverly Hills International Gold 2013Beverage Testing Institute GoldBest Gin Gold Medal 2013

Pumpkin King Cordial

Pumpkin King CordialPumpkin King Cordial is an all-natural artisan liqueur made with fresh roasted Munson Farms pie pumpkins, award-winning Roundhouse Gin, and traditional spices. Only 5 miles from the fields to the distillery … that’s as local as it gets!

Beloved Munson Farms harvests Baby Bear Pie Pumpkins at the peak or ripeness in its fields less than five miles from our distillery. Those pumpkins are cleaned, roasted and puréed before being married to Roundhouse Gin and additional spices including clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. The final steps involve adding a touch of pure cane sugar and filtering for clarity.

The balance between pumpkin flavor, sweetness, and spices is a delicate dance that distiller Ted Palmer successfully achieves with his twenty years of experience. Ted experimented for three years before perfecting this recipe. Pumpkin King Cordial is made at 60 proof with enough explosive pumpkin flavor to accommodate non-alcoholic mixers in beautiful cocktails.

The production for 2013 is very limited. Roundhouse roasted a bit over 5,000 pounds of pumpkins, which will make about 5,000 of the half-bottles (375ml) in which Pumpkin King Cordial is sold. Colorado alone has about 5MM people which means that only 1 in every 1,000 residents could get a bottle in Roundhouse’s home state. However, New York and Chicago have demanded their fair share making distribution spread much thinner.

Perfect with a dab of whipped cream or delicious mixed with a bit of eggnog, ginger beer, mocha, caffé latte, or apple cider. It’s also a delight over vanilla ice cream or even to soak a crusty slice of pumpkin pie.

**SILVER MEDAL, 2014 Denver International Spirits Festival, Other Liqueurs Category