Wondering About The Types Of Distilled Spirits?… Here Is A List Of It To Help You Settle In Your Curiosity!

In a world marked with occasions that give various reasons to celebrate, a cocktail remains one of the essential elements in these celebrations. These celebrations could be for any reason, be it because of any festival or celebrate any success in life. A cocktail is one such drink that gets the party rolling and helps everyone enjoy it to the fullest.

And if you are more into such celebrations and love cheering up with your loved ones with a cocktail, you might have ventured into the domain of cocktail making. If yes, ‘base spirits’ would be a familiar term for you. The category of ‘base spirits’ refers to those drinks which serve as the basis of classic cocktails. They are the kind of distilled spirits to be used in cocktail making.

If that detailing into the cocktail world has left you intrigued about the types of distilled spirits, that curiosity will be settled in by the types of distilled spirits stated below.


Brandy is the distilled spirit made out mostly of grapes and other fruits like peaches, apples, apricots, etc. It is a blend of many types of alcohols that works wonders together to create the result. Though used mainly in serious drinks which do not have several ingredients, modern brandy cocktails tend to vary from that by being a little less severe and thus, giving a possibility to newer combinations.

Wondering About The Types Of Distilled Spirits?... Here Is A List Of It To Help You Settle In Your Curiosity!


Rum is a distilled spirit that is available in different colours depending on its process of making. It is usually made using sugar. It can be either from molasses or pure cane sugar. It truly serves as a perfect ingredient in a cocktail with a slightly sweeter taste and its ability to merge with other drinks easily. And the variety of rums available like dark rums, different flavours, and spiced rums adds to the wonders of taste.


Made out of grains using rye, corn and barley with the botanical elements merged to add various flavours, Gin has been touching the heights of popularity over time. This drink goes ideally with the non-sweet cocktails because of its dry profile. It could also align well with the lighter fruit recipes and other simple recipes that don’t include many ingredients.


Tequila is made using the agave plant and comes in both aged and unaged and the blender versions of the two. For example, Blanco tequila is unaged; other tequilas in oak barrels can be aged, whereas gold tequila would align with the blended category. This drink has helped evolved many flavours of the cocktail. Liking or not liking those will depend on your taste preferences.


Whiskey serves as a versatile element in cocktails because it is available in a large variety. This complex drink is made out of the malted grains that ultimately defines the taste of that particular type of whiskey.


Vodka can’t have a limited category of ingredients it is made of because people tend to make it out of numerous things. But to name the common few, you can make it using wheat, grapes, corn, potato etc. This drink serves as one of the neutral elements because of the lack of its strong flavour. However, that makes it do even more wonders by allowing many significant flavoured variations for the cocktail, thus, making it a perfect fit.