Roundhouse Spirits

We are the premier manufacturers of custom-made spirits that are unique and special!
Made by expert professionals in the field, and handled with love and care to provide
you with an exclusive party experience that you can only get in Bangkok with Roundhouse Spirits!

Distilled Spirits Available

Fermentation And Distillation

We provide the best distilled liquor that is available in the market, using only the highest-quality fruits and starches to contrive a distilled liquor that is tasty, smooth, and worthy of our brand!

100% Blue Webber Agave

We use only the highest-quality ingredients, and when making a fine liquor as Tequila, Blue Webber Agave is the only plant that can yield premium results. Therefore, we use only Blue Webber Agave to make our signature tequila, as any other combination would be beneath our promise to our customers.

Jacqueline Demko


Now introducing, home recipes for the true Liqueur connoisseurs. From gin to coffee liqueur, we have you covered! 

Round House Gin Recipes
Corretto Coffee Liqueur Recipes
Imperial Aged Gin Recipes
"The love our fans have for us, coupled with the enormous talent and work that our staff puts in to make such incredible liqueurs have brought us to the forefront, and as a pioneer in the Distilled spirits industry. Our level of craftmanship and quality goes above and beyond any expectation."
David Sierra

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