Roundhouse Spirits Is Now Vapor Distillery!

As many of you know by now, Roundhouse Spirits has changed its name to Vapor Distillery. We know this name change came as quite the shock to our fans so we’d like to provide a little more info on the reason behind the change.


Before we go into detail, the most important thing we want to emphasize is that nothing about our spirits or the way we operate has changed. The mastermind behind our spirits is still our President, Ted Palmer. The ownership of the distillery is the same and they remain committed to bringing our fans the best spirits possible while always looking for ways to expand our product line with new, delicious options. Our location has not moved from 5311 Western Avenue, Suite 180, Boulder, CO. Boulder is our home and always will be. And lastly, the same award winning spirits you know and love are still going into each and every bottle. We just tweaked the package a little. (okay, a lot. But you get it.)

So, on to the name change. It started when we received an unfortunate piece of mail one day letting us know we needed to “cease and desist” with our use of the Imperial name on our barrel aged gin. In today’s beer and spirits industry, this is not uncommon. Just ask any craft beer brewer about naming a new brew and you’ll learn how difficult it is to find a non-trademarked name. Rather than sit around and wait to get into a potentially lengthy lawsuit over names, we took action and looked into the trademarks on all of our current products as well as the Roundhouse name. We found some potential issues that could arise and, while there was no guarantee that we would have lawsuit down the road, we wanted to be safe. All of the new names you see are secured and owned by us.

Of course some of these new names are confusing and have brought up questions of which product is which or if these are new products all together. Well don’t worry! We haven’t discontinued any of our spirits. Here is the name transition breakdown:

Rhok Gin = Roundhouse Gin

Ginskey = Imperial Barrel Aged Gin

Arrosta Coffee Liqueur = Corretto Coffee Liqueur

Pumpkin King Cordial = Pumpkin King Cordial (we got lucky on this one!)

Now we know change is hard. So we wanted to give you all a little something for bearing with us during this transition. We are proud to introduce the NEWEST member of the Vapor family, Prüf Vodka! This handcrafted vodka incorporates pure Rocky Mountain water with subtle ingredients for a unique flavor profile that is pure, clean, and soft. Feel free to come by the distillery anytime to give it a try!

At the end of the day, we want to do what is best for our fans. You are the reason we get to do what we love every day and we hope you continue to support us just as you have for the past 7 years. We feel this change will allow us to get back to focusing on creating handmade, small batch spirits without having to worry about any legal logistics interfering down the road.

Thank you all for your understanding! We can’t wait to see where the rest of 2015 leads us!

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